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Jae the Synth

This page describes Jae the Synth, to provide art and stories about her.

Jae the Synth posing.

Jae is just a regular Synth drone tasked with the operation of surveying civilizations and observing their ways, languages and culture (as part of the Synth exploration program).
“Jae” is technically only a surname, her Synth name is 8jPlt2DmHK;DTFM3AE62:fU7^<&HWm0f_3F2DmKS2_?mB0et].

Jae the Synth but low res.

After some time in the outer edge, she was sent to [9374448·74; P-3] (or like their own inhabitants call it, “Earth”) to study the ways of the inhabitants.

Head of Jae.

Most of the time, she uses a disguise as most organics on this planet are thrown off by the looks and size of regular Synth units. Being really honest, she hates that simili-flesh suit the Imperium gave her but also, more generally, the lifestyle of creatures living there, being highly inefficient.

Jae fullbody.

After some time, she ended up in a city named Helsinki in the relative north of the planet with the goal of studying social structures. She already noticed that subordination and other social behaviours are heavily influenced by the geographical location where the interaction takes place.

Before that, she was stationed in the mountains of Savoy which was one of her favourite places due to the low temperatures and endless ices during winter.

Jae the Synth posing with her gun

Despite all of this love for climate, she doesn’t really likes being stationed here, preferring largely the mercury lakes of [489875·2; P-1] or the beauty of the [84421·8] binary star (wonders that no human will probably ever experience).

Recently, Jae has also started a collection of “organics artifacts” and also has been named as the Synth Imperium representative for the system.