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VR Dev Log

I recently started making a VR game.
You will find here most updates.


I spent most of this day playing with tools and setting up the base of the game.
I the end, I have a flat world with a few objects including a grabbable one!


Today, I spent some time experimenting with basic shaders.

I also added a small debug screen on the back of the right hand:

Yellow hand with a panel on its back displaying information.


Today, I added a custom logging framework that basically will dump some data at the start of the game and allows for… logging.

Log file showing some game data.

I also finished making basic touch tips to later make buttons and other interractables.

Cube with written on it "I'm bad at making game" with a yellow hand with a blue lines everywhere showing colliders.


More improvements today, added support for Discord RPC.

Discord screenshot showing the game status and logo.

Also now exit buttons are functional and exit the game gracefully.

White square with cyan text saying "EXIT"

Other improvements are to come, currently working on the initial game area.


Not much today, just some stuff outside of the game itself:


Today, big addition, the first game area was added as well as some fog.
It’s far from finished but a big step nonetheless.


Today, small beta release, the 0.4.
Here is the changelog:


  • Base of hand menu
  • Holographic shader
  • Popup generation utility
  • DebugInfo library
    – Shows game and computer performance RT if game is launched in debug mode
  • Complete logging framework
    – Completely custom for now
    – Dumps the computers stats on start
    – Support log levelling
  • Basic metal shader
  • Touch buttons
  • Basic test spawnbox
  • Working graceful exit button
  • Discord RPC
    – Discord RPC is done via an external library for now
    – In the future, it will be switched to the official Discord game SDK
  • Basic home scene
  • Automatic publishing to Itch.io


  • Grip strenght for grab
    – It is now easier to grab objects
  • Pin SDK version to avoid build issues
  • Bump Godot version to avoid build issues
  • Use built-in methods instead of relying on external package for stats
  • Make sure the C# language version is set on latest


  • Replaced placeholders to the studio assets