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Here is the list of various game maps I’ve made, participated to, finished and in progress.


Median is a map originally created for the game Resonite; based on the PC demo of the same name by Ümlaüt Design.
All assets presents were made from scratch only using Open-Source software.

Software used:

  • Blender (terrain modeling)
  • GIMP (textures)

Tricks used:

Accessing the map (Resonite):


You can click images to make them bigger.

Big black and white hallway with something that looks like a reflective floor.

Top view of the map, displaying a massive red sphere in the centre, having a ton of black and white towers everywhere.

View of a hallway with Jae standing in the middle, showcasing its creation.

Neo Kalidea Park

Neo Kalidea Park is a map for the game Resonite used as the flagship hangout world for the USFN (United Space Force Nation) community.
It features multiple hangout spots and working spaces and is is based on a Second Life SIM the USFN used to have.

Credits: Terrain modelling, graphics & object placement by Skywind Kitsune; Objects and tower modeled by PsyEx; SplatMap and graphics improvements by Raidrair; Systems, map setup & object placement by j4 AKA Jae.

Worked on:

  • Furnishing hangout areas
  • Setting up dynamic skybox with day/night cycle
  • QoL changes
  • Lighting changes and addition
  • Misc QoL Protoflu(x) systems
  • General map setup

Accessing the map (Resonite):


You can click images to make them bigger.

Couches under a large blossoming cherry tree. A small table is right next to the couches. In the background, you can see a large hanging structure.

Modern area showing couches and cozy lights with a blue USFN logo shown on a sloped wall.

Hangout spot at night, showing a bunch of pillows, chairs and couches as well as a video player and the session information.

Seats and table next to a big logo stating "The Pie in the Sky" with a pie icon.

Large bridge with a structure on top. The bridge side has a text saying "Welcome to United Space Force Nation Neo Kalidea Park" while there is a USFN flag on top of the structure.

The Edge of the Universe

The Edge of the Universe is a map for Resonite designed to be a calm hangout place.

Software used:

  • Blender (3D modelling)


You can click images to make them bigger.

Jae on a rocking chair with a black hole in the background. A small platform with a guardrail floating in space, lit by street lights and having some furniture with a black hole in the background.

Club Crystalline

Club Crystalline is a Resonite map released on Jan 1st 2024 in pair with the Crystalline Shard community.
With its near-future contemporary style, Club Crystalline is a place to meet, present and party.


  • Base map model: PsyEx
  • Furniture: PsyEx, FireFly, j4 (Jae)
  • Map setup: Feyyore, ScarsTRF, Sharkmare, j4 (Jae)