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Transphobes begone

Facts about transition (TLDR: it works). Never forget, TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. Also if you have been redirected here but is not a bigot, no worries, this is a collection of sources, just look a bit down on how to access all of those studies.

Every point has an affirmation and is sourced and accompanied with a DOI.

  • Medical transition works[1]·[2]·[3]·[4]·[5]·[6]·[7]·[8]
  • “80% of Individuals Reported significant improvements in dysphoria”[9]
  • “Wellbeing was similar to or better than same-age young adults from the general population”[10]
  • “Quality of life rises dramatically with ‘gender affirming treatment’”[11]·[12]
  • Medical transition works on the long term[13]·[14]·[15]·[16]·[17]
  • “Does not support an adverse impact of gender-affirming hormone therapy on cognitive performance”[18]
  • “Our results suggest that there are no detrimental effects of GNRHA on EF”[19]
  • [Social transition is] “shown to correlate with improved psychological functioning”[20]
  • [transition] “relives distress for trans adolescents” and “is reversible”[21]
  • “Poorer psychological well-being before treatment”[22]
  • “Behavioral and emotional problems and depressive symptoms decreased”[23]
  • Hormone blockers are now new “Since the mid 1900’s…” and “the royal college of psychiatrists in 1998…”[24]
  • Hormone blockers aren’t harmful to bone density[25]·[26]
  • Social/Familial support helps and decreases the likelihood of a suicide from 50% to 4%[27]·[28]·[29]·[30]
  • There is more regret for knee surgery than for gender-affirming operations[31]

You can access all of those articles through Sci-Hub for free (or you can DM the DOI to the Sci-Hub bot on Telegram). If you need help understanding some words, expression or some studies, ask around, it is never shameful to ask for help in a subject you don’t know about.

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