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The random stories of the Imperium

A little collection of beeping stories in the Imperium.

Encountering (new) organics

During the whereabouts of the Imperium in exploration, a vast majority of the cultures encountered are composed of organics. Like many organics, most of them are acting erratically and some of their actions can go even against their own survival.

The worst of most organics is that they seem to believe they are somehow superior to non-organic life. One such encounter was made in the outer part of the galaxy, in the system [7592·3; P-5]. Here is the raw log collected by the first of the team:

165085.367: We have arrived to [7592·3; P-5] after 221e of travel from exploration ship F9364. So far, we encountered no resistance and native species seems to be friendly to our arrival so far. We are still processing their language in order to build a translation database but it should be done shortly.

165085.370: It seems the political authority figure of the world wishes us to visit their main city but only with a small unarmed delegation of three individuals. We accepted the offer, I will go with six and ten and everything of the encounter will be recorded and to be archived for further analysis.

165085.374: The visit has started. This civilization seems to be at their second industrial age but are still obsessed with accumulation of material wealth and natural resources. Their space program is primitive enough they do not pose any potential threat to the Imperium or any surrounding systems. Their isolation will be hard for them to escape and it will take them a great deal of time to acquire the technology necessary for it.

165085.375: They brought us into one of their factories where they manufacture those small, individual, machines that are driven on land. We are surprised to encounter another non-organic creature designed by the inhabitants of this world. Though the technology is rough and primitive, they are capable of holding a proper conversation. Upon asking where they live, they told the delegation that they are currently living in the factory and that they cannot even leave the premises without being accompanied which seems to be some sort of imprisonment from my point of view.

165085.377: The visit ended and was very insightful. I am currently in the process of interrogating the political leader of this world about how they consider non-organic lifeforms.

165085.378: It appears there may have been a miscommunication on the nature of Synths. The political leader seems to say that non-organic lifeforms are not granted the same rights as organics and that if a non-organic life form came from the outer realm, they would immediately take defensive actions against them. The inhabitants of the world seem to believe the physical host of Synths are only an armour for a smaller, organic life form. Further analysis of the world may proceed with caution even though the current weapons used by this civilization are harmless, even to a first generation Synth.

After those events, the delegation remained there for a few years ([7592·3; P-5] time) and then left. A cloaked probe was however left in orbit in order to monitor the evolution of the world that may be re-visited later.