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Growing Bell Peppers

Context: I recently decided to try out a small experiment which is to grow bell peppers at home. The reason for that is bell peppers are delicious and, with a single one (which costs around .5€), you can grow hundreds of other bell peppers.

The experiment

2022/07/28: seeds planted around 15:45 EEST and watered them with a small water spray.

2022/08/03: it seems that one seed on the lower side of the pot has started sprouting.

2022/08/05: more seeds have started sprouting all over the pot, the project as a whole is looking good at the moment.

2022/08/06: I started noticing the initial seed is a bit more advanced than the others, seeming to split in two. Continuing to water everything as usual.

2022/11/12: Experience is finished, the peppers sadly died due to lack of attention. Thanks ADHD.