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I got plenty of stickers on my laptops and other devices.
This page serves to describe those.

Laptop 1 - MacBook Pro M1

This laptop is my MacBook Pro M1, described in a handful of blog posts talking about testing it and how it was after three months of use.

MacBook Pro M1 with a bunch of stickers on it

Now the stickers:

Sticker with the WireGuard logo That sticker was sent by the WireGuard team by asking them. I still got some of those.

Sticker with a bowl of ramen saying "I love Ramen" Random sticker I got when once eating out with a friend.

Sticker depicting a blue fox Sticker that was generously sent by Foxo a long time ago.

Sticker depicting the Python logo Sticker gotten from the Open-Source StickerMule pack. Just the Python logo which was the tech used at my previous job.

Sticker depicting the CSS3 logo Just the CSS logo. Gotten from the same pack as the previous one.

Sticker depicting the GoLang logo Just the GoLang logo. Gotten from same pack.

Sticker with text saying "Yogaia" Sticker of my previous workplace.

Yellow sticker with a text saying "Tampere Hacklab" Sticker of the Tampere hacklab gotten at the Finland Matrix Meetup 2021.

White sticker with text saying "TeDomum.net, make yourself at home" Sticker of TeDomum. Still got thousands of those.

Sticker of a purple lobster The Enby Lobster from Fransgenre.

Sticker of a trans salamander The Trans Salamander from Fransgenre.

Sticker of plurality Symbol of Plurality.

Sticker of a person in a hoodie with the text "HelSec" Sticker of a ANSI art saying "HelSec" Sticker saying "Virtual Meetup Helsec" Sticker saying "The fisherman isn't always your friend" Stickers gotten from HelSec as a member.

Laptop 2 - Dell XPS

This laptop is my daily driver and runs ArchLinux. Really good laptop.

Picture of Dell XPS Laptop with stickers all over

As for the stickers:

Sticker of a blue fox Still the same Foxo sticker.

Sticker of Plurality Symbol of Plurality.

White sticker with text saying "TeDomum.net, make yourself at home" Sticker of TeDomum.

Sticker depicting a Synth with written "Synth Inside" Synth propaganda sticker bought at EF2022 by a friend (again big thanks to him!).

Sticker saying "- HEAD Genève" The school my sister is studying at.

Sticker saying "FSFE" Sticker that was sent by the Free Software Foundation Europe quite a while ago.

Sticker of a Trans triceratops The Fransgenre Transeratop.

Sticker of a binary portrait Sticker saying "W4CFI" Various stickers from Women4Cyber Finland.

Sticker saying "Mattermost" Mattermost sticker gotten from a HelSec event.

Sticker saying "Attention, Javascript" Sticker saying "INFOXSEC #1 FUZZING" SilverSkin stickers gotten from a HelSec event. I particularly like the Infoxsec one.

Futurice Tammerforce logo Futurice Alumni logo Futurice Operation Snowflake 2020 logo Futurice Operation Snowflake 2022 logo Sticker saying "Some day, all of this will fall apart" Futurice Spice Program logo Futurice stickers (which is my current workplace).