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This page serves as an archive for something I did for some years.
This project was originally started as a way for me to learn even more about networking, and it served its purpose.

Thanks to everybody that helped me and made that experience worthwhile!

Archive content

This page is for stuff about my personal AS, AS211696. The following prefixes are announced:

  • 2001:67c:2724::/48
  • 2a0e:8f02:f01f::/48
  • 2a12:4946:9900::/40

All prefixes are valid ROA and IRR and are announced using the BIRD Internet Router Daemon.

Current upstreams are (updated every 24h):

{{< bgpUpstreams >}}

The 2a0e:8f02:f01f::/48 prefix is now deprecated and used for the internal infrastructure and was replaced with 2001:67c:2724::/48 (for public servers & services; for instance this website).

The 2a12:4946:9900::/40 prefix is used for user tunnels (registrations & requests closed at the moment).

Current exchange points:

{{< bgpIx >}}

Contact info is: