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- Published on 17th November, 2023 -

Hey there!
If you’ve been following me on the fediverse, you’ve noticed I’ve started fiddling with 3D tools such as Blender way more lately.

You’ve also probably noticed that I have kind of a burnout related to code, that’s why I haven’t been doing anything much for a while in that regard.
3D work has been kind of an escape and it showed me that diversifying what you do is a great idea.

While I’m at it, here are some examples of stuff I’ve made over the past months (that aren’t related to code):

Some maps for the game Resonite:

View of a hallway with Jae standing in the middle, showcasing its creation. Couches under a large blossoming cherry tree. A small table is right next to the couches. In the background, you can see a large hanging structure. Jae on a rocking chair with a black hole in the background.

Random furniture for other projects (those are still heavy WIPs):

Designer table, rendered with soft lighting. Designer large table rendered with soft lighting. Wooden and metallic shelf, rendered with soft lighting.

Some renders of my characters and other misc objects I made:

Jae holding onto floating spheres in focus of the camera. Cereal box of the fake brand "Rexo Paws" well lit and with a bowl filled with paws on the same table. Jae standing, looking forwards with its eyes closed; being lit up by a white light.

And even more is planned, I even started sketching those ideas:

Large sketch board with text and drawings everywhere showing furniture and map ideas.

If my writing is too cryptic to understand, here are the big lines of that upcoming project:

  • Cozy homeworld for Resonite
  • Placed on top of a mountain
  • Dark environment
  • Emphasis on good lighting
  • Fully modelled from A to Z by me (mainly to avoid licensing issues)

My drawings look a bit silly as I’m not very good at that, but ultimately, they fulfill their job as just a direction to take and avoiding to go in blindly when starting to work on something.

Also, playing with the new Blender 4.0 Geometry Nodes tools is really fun and at some point, I’ll publish a tool pack for it, so stay tuned.

That’s all for today, a really short blog post.
I’ll see you next time!

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