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Being a dum Synth

- Published on 28th February, 2023 -

Tags: personal,tech

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In today’s post, I’m going to teach you how to be a dum Synth.
The story starts when I received my x200, everything was starting out great, booting perfectly, system install went on smoothly without problems.
Now, after a while, I just started to notice that the network speed while using WiFi was limited to 3Mb/s (and around 15-20Mb/s when using cable).
Now, I stupidly thought “This can’t be my setup, this has to be the WiFi card” so I started my quest to try to find a suitable replacement for the WiFi card until I realized: the WiFi card in this laptop is already the best available.
When I saw that, something ticked in my head, so I grabbed my phone and ran a speedtest which displayed the same results.
I then started to fiddle with the settings of my WiFi AP which (partly) fixed the problem.
Now speeds are more around 15-20Mb/s on WiFi (and could probably be more since the card is theoretically limited to 50Mb/s which is well within what the AP should be able to do).

So to sum up: dum me almost ended up spending money because I can’t even configure an AP correctly.
Moral of the story: use multiple devices to test when there is a problem before accusing hardware failure.
Note to self: learn how to configure APs before doing anything else.

That’s all for today and I’ll see y’all in the next post!

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