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- Published on 16th August, 2022 -

Tags: news,tech

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Hey there everybody, long time no see (for a real, written article)!Today, nothing fancy, just (re)announcing some stuff said in various places (mostly on Matrix).

This year, I started hosting again some services I have been hosting before but stopped due to personal reasons but in the meanwhile, I added some others. Here is the full list of currently public services:

  • Piped - A YouTube frontend/proxy (that can play age restricted videos!)
  • LibReddit - A Reddit privacy frontend
  • PrivateBin - Minimalist pastebin
  • Nitter - A Twitter privacy frontend
  • KeyOxide - Modern, secure and decentralized platform to prove your online identity
  • ProxiTok - A TikTok privacy frontend
  • SearXNG - A metasearch engine
  • Wikiless - A Wikipedia privacy frontend (that also adds dark theme)
  • Rimgo - A Imgur privacy frontend
  • Excalidraw - A small tool to draw diagrams easily
  • Hydrogen - A lightweight Matrix client
  • SimplyTranslate - A lightweight translation website that pulls data from the big ones
  • NTFY - pub-sub notification service

I am also in the process of developing some other proxies of my own but that remain a heavy WIP (see my GitHub profile for more).

I also adjusted some things on the roadmap of the infrastructure.

If everything goes as planned, the router will stop announcing legacy prefixes (or IPv4) on Jan 31 2024 and therefore, all services will only be available on IPv6-capable networks. If your ISP doesn’t supports IPv6, please harass them (kindly) to add support for it and meanwhile, check out my Library page about IPv6 tunnels to get a a prefix while waiting.

Legacy IP is becoming more and more unsustainable by being, for instance, one of the biggest costs on my infrastructure (around 120€ a month for a leased miserable /24). Given the high price, support might be dropped earlier but will be announced at least a month prior for users of public services to be able to adapt.

Now, I’d like to thank once again people that donated via the banner present on some of my websites & hosted instances, thanks again for helping me and for all the warm support!

I am currently looking at services to extend or improve so this wonderful support is repercuted to the whole userbase. If you have any idea of what could be improved / added, please message me on Matrix or via e-mail (I read and reply to every single one of those when they are not spam; if you have a Microsoft e-mail address, those won’t work with my host, sorry, that company decided my e-mails weren’t worthy enough of their shitty servers).

Thanks again for the support and for reading this, I’ll see you next time, either in a Batch or a more traditional post.

P.S: don’t forget to add this blog to your favourite RSS reader to not miss anything :)