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- Published on 4th June, 2022 -

Tags: tech,meta

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Hey there, small post to talk about a small thing I did recently which is to finally ditch OVH as my domain registrar.When I was living in France, OVH came as a good choice for domain names as it is pretty much a local platform and had lots of good deals (and still has on some TLDs) but when I moved in Finland and changed my name, some problems arose:

  1. OVH Doesn’t supports Finnish addresses (Finland is unheard of in their country list which caused some problems when I had to reset an IP whitelist, they asked for stuff at the French address)
  2. OVH never changed my name despite multiple requests
  3. Their interface is slow beyond redemption (you lose around 30s per click without exagerating)
  4. You can’t setup DNSSEC properly with their shitty interface (it loads indefinitely before returning an error)
  5. Their customer support is just shit (takes weeks to answer with useless answers)

This is why yesterday, I started transferring all my domains to Gandi which was recommended to me by a friend.

So far so good, their interface is reasonably fast and I could, finally, configure that DNSSEC which is basically two clicks away in their thing.

Even tho Gandi is also French, this time, Finland does exists (even tho that can be up to debate on the internet) and I could use the right name.

Some domains are still waiting OVH to wake up but I believe it will be done in the week or so. There was just a small issue while transferring my main domain (jae.fi) but that got sorted out pretty quickly by the customer support.

So, this was just a small post to announce that, nothing much.

Oh, also, don’t ever touch OVH.I’ll see you people next time!