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Housekeeping episode 1: The idea

- Published on 15th August, 2021 -

Tags: personal

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Greetings everyone, today a chill post about an idea I just had (and yes, I know I haven’t posted anything in some time now).

While waking up this morning, I had an idea: let’s stop living in a complete mess of cables and actually organize everything, at least a bit.

Then during the day, little by little, I started removing stuff from my living room (that is also where my bed is since my apartment is quite little).

One of the most challenging things was to clear up the cable mess that comes with having multiple monitors and other stuff plugged in at all times.

The plan, next, is to buy an IKEA shelve that I will place at the opposite side of the desk. A bed that I will be placed where the Lacks and the seat are in the pic (at the very back). All of this is from a confused drawing I did this morning to avoid losing the idea itself.

For the shelves, I decided to go with a Kallax from IKEA, which seems to be a great one for the price (we’ll see that on the next post of this small series).

Furthermore, some friends suggested adding LED strips (Edit: white LED strips, RGB stuff hurts my eyes) at the bottom of the walls and in the corners of the room. I have yet to decide if I will do it because I have absolutely no clue on how to wire all of those things to make it work, let alone how to control it.

At least at the end, I think the result will be pretty nice looking and I will keep you peeps posted about it! If anyone has any idea on how I could improve all of that, please message me on Matrix (@me:jae.fi) and I will be happy to hear about your suggestions!

I’ll see you next time.