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- Published on 27th May, 2020 -

Tags: software

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

I just did something I wanted to do since some time: compile all my personal configs & scripts and ship them into a repo and here it is, the repository of my own configs (still in WIP).
I’ll slowly add all my scripts and the ones I find (crediting the author of course).

Why did I do that?
Well this is simple: I love to browse dotfiles repositories and find useless, so essentials, scripts on the internet, I have the feeling of “it might come in handy some day” (spoiler alert, it doesn’t for the most part).
This is why I created this repo, to compile all the scripts that are actually useful for me. Nothing else, I swear.

Be sure to check the repo out and if you want, ask for a config you’d like to see (if I forgot one).
Don’t worry, you can takes theses scripts, modify them to fit your needs, share them or just use them the vanilla way.

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Some updates about this repo will be discussed here and maybe some configs in particular.
I’ll see you next time!