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The Thinkpad

- Published on 4th May, 2020 -

Tags: hardware

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

Less than a week ago, I became the owner of a Thinkpad T430.
In this article, I will explain why I got one of this particuliar brand but also my first impressions.
Also hey, I’m not sponsored by Lenovo or IBM, I’m not known enough for that :P

Why did I got a Thinkpad

As you may know by the rest of the content of my blog, I am a dev and a sysadmin and as before, I could only work from home which is impractical when I have to travel somewhere else for one day or even a week.
Thinkpads have an online legacy of being really good machines when it comes to IT stuff and this particular brand was recommended to me by lots of people.

First impressions

I bought my Thinkpad from Thinkstore24 which is a German online shop specialized in Thinkpads.
I’m not gonna lie, at first glance, this machine looks good, it opens easily and everything feels nice, the cover, the keyboard…
First thing I noticed when installing Linux (Arch for thoses who will ask) is that this computer is very reactive. Event tho it contains a basic hard-drive over a much faster SSD, the computer is still very fast and reactive with little boot time whatsoever (under 30s for sure).
I must also say even after using it for long hours (more than 8 hours straight to be more exact), the laptop doesn’t even get warm.
The battery lasts approximately 1-2 hours after a 100% charge which is good enough for my usage.
In bonus, I also discovered that the key combo Fn+Spacebar triggers a small light that lights the keyboard, useful when working at night.
The only thing I can complain about for the moment is that the laptop came with Windows which was fixed quickly.

At the end, I would say this is a really good machine that is up to my expectations.

I’ll see you in three months for the follow-up article.
In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the other articles :^)
See you next time!