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My Firefox addons

- Published on 17th April, 2020 -

Tags: software

This article is older than a year and might be outdated!

As you may know, I am a Mozilla Firefox user.
Here is the addons I am currently using to enhance my experience on the web:

  • Ublock Origin a basic ad-blocker that just works
  • uMatrix a more advanced tool made to block cookies, frames and more
  • SponsorBlock an extension that automatically skips hardcoded ads in Youtube/Invidous videos
  • Imagus enlarge images with a simple mouse hover
  • FoxyProxy used to add rules for Onion URLs or I2P
  • HTTPS Everywhere everything is in the name
  • Violentmonkey custom user JS scripts
  • ClearURLs used to clear urls from tracking metadata
  • Bitwarden used for my self-hosted vault

That’s all for the addons I’m using currently.
Next list next year!