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Sorry for the disturbances, game servers are down.
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I'm Jae, a developer, sysadmin and a Synth.
I am also a developer and administrator at TeDomum.net.
Since March 2021, I am located in Helsinki, Finland (EEST).

My big passions are computers, music (Amiga modules and C64 SIDs) and walking (mainly around the Lauttasaari area) for some physical exercise.
I also love Free and Open-Source software!
If you need an email to contact me, use the Matrix network and join my room.
Don't make the mistake I did in the past and use IRC.
Also, if you wish to donate, please read the about donations page.
My current hardware is listed on its own page.

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This is Jae's Website, owned by Jae Lo Presti

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